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It conjures up atmospheres replete with passion, art, tradition, quality and coffee culture. Step into the world of the barman. The FAEMA coffee machine is the tool that allows you to set your passion for coffee in motion and enhance your artistic skills. Your customers, your production needs, and your staff’s expertise determine different equipment requirements. We’ll help you choose the right FAEMA machine.



Impressive Blend of Quality & Creativity


The traditional machines are, together with the grinder-doser, the most common equipment in cafés, coffee houses, and restaurants around the world. In addition to their impressive design and functional capabilities, this collection of FAEMA Traditionals stand out with respect to their superior technical characteristics.

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All with a Touch of a Button

The Super-Automatic collection of espresso machines from FAEMA can do it all – at the touch of button. They will prepare a cup of coffee, starting from the fresh-roasted coffee bean, with ease. These turn-key coffee solutions are engineered for superior performance – cup after delicious cup.

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Simply Elegant Using Pods or Capsules

Carisma_S1The semi-professional espresso machines from FAEMA are used for the preparation of delicious espressos using pods or capsules.

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Grinders & Accessories

Essentials to Compliment Your Espresso Solution

MC99_WL_fianco-_dx_0Used to grind the coffee beans and measure the ground coffee. Accessories can be used in combination with the coffee machines.

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